Wednesday, August 24, 2005


OT, originally uploaded by jasonbondy.

US 62 near I-35, Oklahoma City, OK

Hello, hello, this is Earth calling...

Robinson Renaissance building

Robinson Renaissance building, originally uploaded by jasonbondy.

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Yellow and glass

Yellow and glass, originally uploaded by jasonbondy.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Let me put out a request here and see what happens.

I am looking for photographs of a few Oklahoma City locations I remember, but was too young to realize the need to photograph them myself.

1. Any pictures of Sound Warehouse stores, especially Store #1 at 23rd and Walker. (My first real job.) I would also love to see photos of SW stores in other states if there are some floating around.

2. The Clock Inn motel at I-44 and Kelley. I drove by that sign so many times, then suddenly, it was gone. I know the sign is in a collection somewhere, but I would like to see it again in its original surroundings.

3. The Fred Jones Lincoln-Mercury showroom at 4th(?) and Walker. You know, they had that stoplight hanging from their awning...I used to think that was the coolest thing in town.

4. Any Humpty grocery store sign.

If you happen to have anything like this, and would like to maybe share them, you can contact me at jasonbondy2000[at](mail service that starts with Y!)[dot]com.

There are more, but I won't go crazy on this now. Thank you in advance.


Sun and clouds behind Gold Star

Gold Star building (Law Library) on the campus of Oklahoma City University.

Celebrate Oklahoma!

Celebrate Oklahoma!, originally uploaded by jasonbondy.

A mural depicting the Oklahoma state flag in honor of our upcoming 100th Anniversary.

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Boathouse, originally uploaded by jasonbondy.

The new boathouse under construction on the Oklahoma River.

May Ave.

May Ave., originally uploaded by jasonbondy.

Just another driving along NW Expressway on a cloudy day photo.


Steps, originally uploaded by jasonbondy.